Effects of Landscaping on Property Value [Infographics]

Effects of Landscaping on Property Value

Does Landscaping increase property prices? Myth or Reality?

Effects of Landscaping on Property Value – Australian households take landscaping very seriously. We have a blooming relationship with outdoor things. With more than 60% of the Australian population being around coastal areas, we never miss the small details when it comes to adding beauty to our houses and surrounding.

Does Landscaping increase property prices?

Well! that’s a million-dollar question. Because according to all research published by one of the most trusted real estate agencies in Australia; Landscaping can not only increase your value by $15,000 to a million but also helps to sell it faster.

Landscaping can add tens of thousands of dollars to your property’s value; in reality, landscaping is one of the few home improvements you can undertake that not only adds value instantly but also increases the value over time.

Think of it, though painting peels and kitchens and bathrooms are dating, plants become more bountiful and robust as the year’s pass.

Words from the Experts;

Effective landscaping can add up to 28 per cent to the total value of your house. According to landscape economist John Harris. And according to a research paper by professor Mark S.

Henry at Clemson University, even taking your landscaping and gardening efforts from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ could add significant value to your home – at least 6-7%.

It is also noteworthy to note that 70% of real estate agents interviewed for the 2011 Husqvarna Global Garden Study claimed that a neglected garden would lower property prices between 5-15% anywhere. Another 17 per cent thought the effect might be even higher.

The garden is intimately related to the house’s overall appeal, according to the report. And an attractive garden has the power to influence a buyer’s perception of a property.

Effects of Landscaping [Infographics]

effects of landscaping on property prices


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