How Do You Build A Front Yard Garden?

How do you build a front yard garden?

The front yard is not just a place to put your trash cans, it’s also an opportunity for you to express yourself. Front yards are the stage on which homeowners can demonstrate their creativity and individuality. They are where people can show off their gardening skills or use plants as living sculptures. Front yards are often what makes neighbourhoods unique and give them character. The front yard has become much more than simply a place to park the car because it now symbolizes how much work someone wants to put into their home. With so many options available, there’s no excuse for having an ugly lawn in front of your house anymore! So, how do you build a front yard garden? Here are some ideas that you can follow:


# 1 Augment Rock Elements

It’s a well-known fact that people are more likely to buy houses in neighbourhoods with the qualities they desire. If you have a nice yard, but it doesn’t have any of the features that people want for their yards, then your house might not be worth as much as other houses on the market. That’s why adding rock features can make your front yard better and help sell your home easier.

It’s also possible to add these types of landscaping elements without spending too much money or time on them.

# 2 Lighting

When you think of the front yard, it’s usually a place for families to spend time together and enjoy nature. But there is more to your front yard than just grass and trees; lighting plays an important role in making your outdoor space feel safe, comfortable, and inviting.

Lighting can brighten up dark areas of the yard like around decks or sheds where people might be working on projects during the day or night. If you’re entertaining guests after sunset, well-placed lights will make them feel welcome as they enter your home. And if kids are playing at dusk or dawn, proper lighting will help keep them visible so they don’t get run over by cars.

# 3 Use Bed Borders

Making bed borders in the front yard is a common practice. It’s also very useful because it prevents the grass from getting trampled by people or pets, and it can help with weed control. However, some homeowners aren’t sure if this is the best thing to do for their lawns. If you’re not sure either, you can consult experts when it comes to gardening and landscaping.

# 4 Use Ground Cover

Your front yard is the first thing people see when they come to visit your home. It sets the tone for what they will experience inside and outside of your house. It is an opportunity to create a welcoming space that reflects who you are and how you live with style and personality. A well-designed front garden can be a place for relaxing, entertaining or just getting some fresh air on those cold winter days.

But it isn’t easy to achieve these goals if you don’t start with the right foundation: ground cover plants such as grasses, mosses, shrubs or perennials which provide both beauty and function in their own way depending on where you live and what type of climate zone your property falls into.

# 5 Use Perennial Shrubs

Perennial shrubs are an important part of any landscaping design. They provide year-round interest and colour, attract birds for natural pest control, and make the yard feel like a garden even when it’s snowing outside. But perennial shrubs can be expensive to buy, especially if you’re planning on planting more than one or two. Fortunately, there is another option: growing them from seed! And while seeds can take longer to grow into mature plants than buying them already grown up in containers at your local nursery, they offer many benefits that containerized shrubs don’t.

# 6 A Garden Bed Around Your Mailbox is Also a Good Idea

A garden bed around a mailbox can make the front yard look better. This is an example of a more natural planting style that closely resembles a wildflower meadow. It is a more low-maintenance solution to a traditional eye sore. Some additional choices for the design of the mailbox complimenting the garden bed include using tile on the post or adding some taller flowers or shrubs around it. The mailbox can be decorated with rocks, pots, or some other type of decoration to give it some character as well as colour.

# 7 Replace Old Mulch

Mulch is a great way to improve the beauty and health of your plants.

Adding mulch will make it easier for water to penetrate deep into the soil, while also preventing weeds from growing in between the plants. However, if you use old mulch, then all of these benefits are nullified because old mulch can become compacted which prevents air from reaching plant roots and allows moisture to evaporate. Therefore, when adding new mulch ensure that you have removed all old material before spreading fresh material on top. If this process is done correctly then over time you should be able to see a significant improvement in your front yard’s appearance.

# 8 Flower Bed Around A Tree

It’s time to give your front yard a makeover. A tree is the focal point of most yards, so it’s important to do something with the area around it. But how can you improve the look of an overgrown patch of dirt without spending hours digging and planting? There are many ways! One idea is to create a flower bed around the trunk of your favourite tree for instant curb appeal.

Flowers are often used as ground cover in landscaping, but they also work well as full-fledged gardens or even just window boxes that hang from trees or walls. The key is finding plants that grow at different heights and bloom at different times throughout the year–depending on where you live, some flowers may be better suited than others.

# 9 Make Grass Better

The grass is the perfect choice for any front yard. It can be green and lush all year round, it’s environmentally friendly, and it requires little to no maintenance.

Grass will always grow back when you cut it, so if you want a lawn that looks like a carpet without having to vacuum every day, the grass is the way to go.

It also has natural air purification properties because of its high chlorophyll content. And did we mention that there are over 100 different types of grasses out there? So even if one type doesn’t suit your fancy (or your allergies), chances are another type will do just fine!

# 10 Have a Shade Tree

A shade tree is a green, leafy, and beautiful addition to any front yard. It can be an additional element that makes the space more inviting and enjoyable. Shade trees are also beneficial for temperature regulation in your home as they provide shade during the hot summer months. The size of your yard will determine if you need one or two trees; however, there is no such thing as too many!

One important consideration when planting a new tree is its mature height and width which should not exceed the height of your roof line by more than 12 feet. This way it won’t obstruct natural light from entering through the windows on the second floor of your home.

# 11 Add a Colored Ornamental Tree

In order to have a beautiful front yard, many people will often think about planting various types of trees. However, there are so many other things you could do as well. For example, adding some colour with an ornamental coloured tree can make the space look better and more interesting too! Just think of the Cherry blossom.

# 12 Create a Birdbath

One of the best ways to make your yard more attractive is by adding a birdbath.

A birdbath can be made from any size or shape container, but it should have an open top and shallow depth. The most popular materials are concrete, copper, stone, and tile; however many people use decorative terra-cotta pots that can also serve as planters for flowers or herbs. If you want to keep the water cleaner longer, try using sand instead of soil in your pot. And if you want to attract even more birds than before, put some gravel on the bottom of the bath so they can get a drink while they bathe (source).

Need to build your front yard garden? A1 Gardening can do the job for you. Just give us a call today.


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